On Wednesday, September 30, 2020, we will be hosting a webinar entitled “The SEC’s New Human Capital Rule, Workplace Diversity and Compensation Design: Year-End Disclosures and the Board Agenda 2020”.  The purpose of this webinar is to cover the SEC’s new Human Capital rule and how such disclosure will interplay and impact any diversity and inclusion (“D&I”) initiatives of the issuer.  In particular, the speakers will share thoughts on how top down D&I initiatives could be structured from a compensatory perspective (i.e., top down meaning D&I initiatives are incorporated into performance metrics of compensatory awards for the issuer’s executive officers).  Additionally, the speakers will discuss associated labor and employment limitations, governance issues and other SEC disclosure issues.  To learn more, sign up here.

Related intellectual thought from us on the subject can be found here: “The New Era of Human Capital Resources Reporting.”